Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pint Of No Return

It continues to boggle my mind that I can find a restaurant or pub in Windsor that doesn't serve Walkerville beer.

Come on folks We really do need to support our own in this city. Ambassoador Brewery lasted for three years before it closed it's doors in 2002. Charley's Brew Pub continues to brew it's Time Out beer, but unfortunately it's only available in-house

Karen Behune Plunkett and her husband Michael Plunkett re-opened the Walkerville Brewery in 1998, after it ceased it's original operations in 1956. Walkerville was voted "Canadian Brewery of the Year 2004" and 2006 World Beer Cup Winner. Karen has sat on many community Boards and is currently a member of the Windsor Regional Foundation, Windsor Utilities Commissioner, Honourary Chair of the Alzheimer Society and a 2000 International Athena recipient.

What has Chairman of the Board Pete Coors done for us since his Coors brewery swallowed up Canada's second oldest corporation Molson breweries (behind only the Hudson Bay Company) and moved them to Denver Colorado? They have pocketed Canadian brews Creemore Springs, Rickard's Red, Laurentide, Black Horse and India Beer. In addition to alcoholic beverages, Molson owns a 20% stake in the Montreal Canadiens, who historically have been the NHL's most successful hockey team. They also sponsor the Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks. Molson is part-owner of Brewers Retail Inc., operator of The Beer Store retail chain, which--protected by legislation--has an over 90% market share of Ontario beer sales. Their advertising campaigns are still focused on Canadian's latent anti-Americanism, which proves this Colorado-based corporation's patriotism runs second to their bottom line. "I AM Canadian" my ass!

London, Ontario's beer-darling Labatt's? Yup - since 1991 it's now Belgian, along with the other Canadian beers in it's corporate arsenal; Nova Scotia's Alexander Keith's, Hamilton's Lakeport and B.C.'s Kokanee. Labatt (well, Inbev now) is also part owner of The Beer Store retail outlets, so most of the money you spend there heads overseas.

So, belly up to the bar at your local watering hole this Canada day and ask for a pint of Walkerville. Not in stock? Go elsewhere. Head to the brewery to stock your home supply as well. Walkerville has a great summer special going on now - for $29.00 you get a mixed 2-4 of their Original Lager, Premium Blonde and Superior Light.

Now you can't use the "too expensive" excuse.

Tell 'em Topher sent you.


Of Global Mind said...

Anyone who really knows their beer will write this one off as too young. I'll stick to the imports you mentioned.

Doye said...

I've tasted it, sorry but it's not that good. At least to me anyway. LOL

Topher Holt said...

My Dad drinks Busch.

I guess there's no accounting for taste :)