Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Urban Agriculture Information

ed: As I promised in a previous post, here is some contact information for those interested in buliding community through local urban food production.

FedUp - Windsor’s community gardening network
Since the spring of 2007, FedUp has practiced and encouraged
collective gardening, harvesting, distribution, food preparation and preservation, and culinary celebration.
Help FedUp Grow
Anyone who wants to help build our region’s capacity for local, organic food production and distribution is encouraged to join our network. Do you have space that you want to contribute? We will build, maintain, and harvest a garden, dependent on the availability of gardeners. Do you want to garden? We will coordinate interested gardeners, and provide them with space, help, and advise as needed. Do you have a surplus from your own gardens? Please don’t let it go to waste.
We will collect and distribute it to those in need. Do you have fruit trees that go unharvested?
Please tell us. We will harvest them so that all of us can enjoy their bounty. Do you have gardening wisdom that you’d like to share with a new generation of gardeners?

Our first three sites

Over the last 5 months, about 15 people have worked FedUp’s three donated sites.

Malden Rd. (the south-east corner of Malden Rd. and Lambton) has presented us with many challenges (like deer, rabbits and a very dry summer), but continues to bring joy to its gardeners.

The Ecohouse (793 Sunset Ave.) provides us with an outdoor space amid a garden that has been tended with care, for our weekly potlucks, meetings, and discussions.

Moy St. took lots of digging by FedUp’s ‘head digger’ and others, and has reciprocated with lots of produce.

Join us for Sunday Potlucks 6pm in the backyard of the Ecohouse (793 Sunset Ave.): anyone can come and share their favourite dish, get to know their fellow gardeners, and participate in discussions about FedUp, gardening practices, and food politics.

Cooking Workshop
noon on August 26th: two of our gardeners will use produce from our gardens to lead a participatory cooking workshop. We’ll make: Gazpacho, Peperonata with Garlic Crustini, Stuffed Zucchini, and Lemon Lavendar Scones. There’s limited space, so please RSVP by Aug 20th by phoning 519-258-8398 or emailing maya.ruggles@gmail.com.

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