Friday, September 7, 2007

Celebrate Walking

Just to remind everyone that there is a lot to be thankful for with the ability to use your feet.

Take a stroll through your community. Get to know your neighbours. Stop and say hi. Know that you are doing your part in building a strong, connected community.

This just in from Spacing Wire...

Walking Life is a month-long exhibition, showcasing work created both by artists and community members, that celebrates the experience of walking.

The exhibition will run at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St. W., 3rd and 4th floors, from Sunday September 9 to Thursday October 4, from 12:00-5:00 pm every day. Admission is free.
There will be an opening reception at the Gladstone on Sunday September 9, from 6:00-9:00 pm.
The goals for Walking Life are quite simple. First and foremost, we hope to generate excitement about walking. We’d like to inspire people to reclaim (aka: use!) the sidewalks as public space. We’d like to inspire people to think about the pedestrian experience. And, we’d like people to contemplate the environments in which they walk. We have asked people of all kinds to convey their experiences through art, because the creative process has the potential to stimulate contemplation, interesting discussion and even innovation.

The exhibition is, in part, a prelude to the
Walk 21 conference being hosted by the City of Toronto in early October.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think people in Windsor realize just how lucky they are. I am originally from the Niagra region, where hills galore hamper anyones walking ability. Windsor is so gloriously flat, that you can
walk pretty much anywhere. My
regular walk takes you by a Mediteranean bakery, Irish pub and ice cream parlour.

What more can you ask for?