Friday, September 21, 2007

The fight is on....

Argh! What were they thinking? According to the Windsor Star today, PAC approved the mega-development on the edge of Windsor and Lasalle. Oddly enough, the noted that nobody from Lasalle showed to express their disapproval for the development, even though the media had reported that they were worried about the economic and traffic impact on their town.

We now have about 3 weeks to put the pressure on our councillors to vote to deny this development and reverse the decision of PAC. It has been done before, but we are going to need to work together. The Star said that Jenny Coco and gang are promising 1500 full and part-time (read: mostly part-time) jobs along with $4.8 million per year in tax revenues. Our money hungry city is going to be chomping at the bit to give this land away. Our argument is going to have to be very convincing to have them pass up $4.8 million a year into city coffers.

Possible objections:

1. Costs for infrastructure development and support
2. Costs to protect, rehabilitate and restore damaged
3. Costs to provide infrastructure, etc for the inevitable housing developments that will follow.

Those are just off the top of my head, and that is not even including the impacts to the established neighbourhoods in Windsor.

Post your thoughts in the comments field. Chris and I will try and formulate them and then put together our objections. We'll make sure that we have representation at council from SDW to speak out against this development!

If anyone knows how the voting went, especially with the councilors who sit on this committee, please post it here. That will help us to know who we have to work with, and against, in this critical process!


Anonymous said...

I support your cause and don't want to seem negative but I just don't see how you're going to get Windsor to care about Lasalle who will suffer the consequences.

I would suggest presenting before council about raising the concern of development fees for the infrastructure to make it inattractive. If we build housing in the core, we don't have to build one more sewer or widen one more road to accomodate it whereas development on the edge requires both. It makes no sense that development fees are the same for one area vs. the other.

I would recommend another letter to our MPP's and the Minister although this was the response I got last time I raised a concern on a different matter...

From your letter, I understand that you are concerned about the impact on taxpayers when municipalities compete for development, which you attribute to the municipal structure of Windsor/Essex.

I appreciate and have taken note of your concerns. However, municipal restructuring in Windsor and Tecumseh was locally developed and supported by the respective municipal councils. Further, the decision to relocate the proposed development is a local matter between the proponent and the affected municipalities. Therefore, it would not be appropriate for me, as Minister, to intervene.

Given the above, I would encourage you to express your concerns directly to the proponent and to the respective councils and staff of the City of Windsor, the Township of Tecumseh and the County of Essex, as you may deem appropriate.

Once again, thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.


Original signed by

John Gerretsen

Anonymous said...

We definitely won't get anyone to do this "for LaSalle" - remember - they screwed us by putting their "Windsor Crossings" outlet mall on their side of the Windsor/LaSalle Border. We've got to do it for our pwn selfish reasons - improving our own quality of life.

Our MPP's SUCK, especially Duncan Doughnuts. What a twirp. Like he gives a rats ass about what's going on in Windsor. Just look at him and Lewenza Jr. dismissing Schnurr like they did.

Pathetic, and definitely not deserving of my vote - either of them.