Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sidewalk Update

Sorry for the late post on this.

Council approved the Pedestrian Generator Sidewalk Policy on Monday night. While that is a huge step forward, according to Andrew Dowie, author of the policy, there is still plenty of work to be done. As one of the commentors to my post noted, now that the policy is approved the Public Works department has to make a procedure to implement the policy.

At the very least we should be getting the word out to each of the impacted areas. If you have children in school you should consider approaching them regarding this policy to make sure that walkable routes have sidewalks. (I'll be going to the PTA at Central shortly to make the pitch)

We have to make sure that the city knows that committing to a more walkable and liveable community is more than just words on paper!

I'll keep you updated on how this policy goes, as it develops. I've asked to participate in the procedure development process much like I did for the traffic calming policy. We'll see if the city takes me up on my offer!


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