Thursday, October 18, 2007

SDW - The latest effort to combat obesity

It seems that, after years of fighting to get the message out, that people in high places are finally starting to listen. Oh yes, and the media has picked up on it too!

According to an article posted on MSN this morning, the British thinktank Foresight has analyzed data involving 250 health experts spanning two years and determined that our environment, that is the infrastructure and amenities that comprise the world we live in, that is contributing to the rise of obesity. The predicted that, even if we acted immediately, it would take 30 years to reverse the trend that is set in place.
"Tackling obesity, like tackling climate change, requires a range of changes in society, from increasing everyday activity through the design of the built environment and transport systems to shifting the drivers of the food chain and consumer purchasing patterns to favor healthier options."
It looks like SDW can chalk up one more reason for fighting the good fight -- the health of future generations will rely on our success in transforming our community and making passive "exercise" a part of every day life rather than the exception to the rule.

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