Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Sky has fallen

Well, five years since Nina Fontes took possession of the (Martini) Sky lounge on Pelissier, it has closed it's doors for good after last night's farewell performances by The Hung Jury, Travis Reitsma, and Ron Leary.

One of my favourite downtown watering holes, a night at Sky would promise excellent home-grown music and no drunken Ohio teens throwing up on your shoes. Nina always booked great acts - including perennial faves Ron Leary ("The closing of Sky is a major, major blow to the local roots music community") and "Mr. Chill" Kelly Hoppe ("A chapter is closing on a great venue, and Windsor's infinitely poorer for it") - and supported the local scene with an energy that is sure to be missed. Anyone who's been on the receiving end of one of Nina's contagious smiles knows it - this was one place where everyone was treated like a guest in Nina's home.

Please come out and support the remaining local clubs and indie music scene. They are all here as a part of Windsor's collective cultural heritage, and if we don't embrace them - nobody will.

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