Thursday, February 7, 2008

After hours bars study correction

Just to correct the assertion that the closing of after hours bars was never studied. It was studied in council report 13049 and the DWBIA was denied the ability to put the issues, information and experts forward that would have prevented the current circus we see. As evidence THis letter was sent last year, I guess some councillors didnt' read this letter either.

Good Morning Councillors:
I have reviewed the Council Report 13049 regarding After Hours Clubs. As this is a “Note and File” recommendation, we were informed by the City Clerk’s Office that delegations will not be heard on the issue.

As such, the DWBIA requests that Council direct Administration to work closely with the DWBIA in researching this issue and that the DWBIA be included in the discussion from the beginning through to the end of the study.

As an FYI – the Licensing Commission met on October 9th, 2007. I was informed by a person in the Licensing Department that this meeting was open to the public, however when two of my Board Members tried to enter the meeting, they were told to leave. I was assured by Licensing that we would be involved in this process, yet this Council Report has come forward without consultation with the DWBIA.

Judith C. Veresuk
Executive Director
Downtown Windsor Business Improvement

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dave said...

This just speaks of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Similar to the fleet vehicles department at city hall.
I wonder what else us lowly TAX PAYER'S don't know about?