Friday, February 1, 2008


Unfortunately I did not have the proper facts in the post "of Mice and Men" regarding the suppot that the development commission gives to small business

The small business center has fielded 3,497 general inquiries via telephone calls, walk ins and email through the two offices in Windsor and Kingsville. Between these 2 locations, they have also held 612 one-on-one client consultations and conducted 51 seminars, workshops, presentations and networking events with a total attendance of 1,876 people. The economic impact of this office were 53 businesses started and 46 jobs created.

However I still maintain that I stand by my assertion that a simple public statement supporting restarting the Community Improvement Plans and opposing what I call the `Costco Badlands` type of development would do exponentially more to help small business in Windsor than anything stated above.

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Urbane Cyclist said...

Ha ha ha! "Costco Badlands" - I like it!