Monday, February 18, 2008

Kick back and enjoy Family Day.

In light of our new February holiday "Family Day", I am going to suggest that you go out to your friendly neighbourhood video store and rent a movie.

No, not just any movie. Specifically, a Sundance nominee from last year; The King Of California.

In it, you'll find Michael Douglas' character deal with the fact that his childhood home has disappeared under a wash of suburban sprawl while he chases a treasure that leads him through a private golf course to breaking into and excavating under a Costco store.

Sure, that's not the focus of the film, but it could have been. You'll also find a redemption-themed father/daughter tale that should delight other members of your audience, so don't feel too guilty about forcing them to sit through a "moral-of-this-story" tale.

So spend some quality time with the family today and tonight, sit down and watch a film about sprawl swallowing the California countryside :)


dave said...

Sounds like a great movie!
Can anyone tell me where there is a video store downtown? I remember reading in The Star about 1/2 a year ago about a place that was renting movies but I threw the paper out and could never remember seeing where it was. The dumb part is the store is supposed to be relatively close to my house!

Chris Holt said...

It was a good movie, Dave. If you're into those quirky, idie-type films, that is. That's pretty much all I watch nowadays.

At the corner of Park and Pellisier is an independant video rental store called "Park Street Video", and I highly suggest you give them your business. Unfortunately, the indie store closest to me has closed its doors, so I must either pirate video online or go to Blockbuster. Either-or, really :)

dave said...

Thanks Chris. I will certainly go there the next time I want to rent a video.
I too enjoy the indi-type films so that should be a winner for me.