Monday, February 11, 2008

Under the microscope...

Well, since Window's Movie Maker apparently hates me, I couldn't embellish this video clip of my interview with Cogeco's Joe McParland. You'll have to deal with the raw footage that my friendly neighbourhood media-pusher Chris Schnurr sent over to me tonight.

Thanks a ton, Chris. I'll get this stuff figured out eventually.


BBS said...

Don't feel bad, Movie Maker can be finicky as hell. Tends to crash a lot if you don't have too much memory. Best thing to do is save often.

You can also use the "Remix Video" option on YouTube. This gives you the ability to add graphics, captions borders and different transitions.

Anonymous said...

Where is it?

Chris Schnurr said...

Chris -

The secret to Movie Maker is in all the codecs you have installed.

I went to Tools/Options and deselected all the .ax files.

My movie maker now doesn't crash.

I even did an experiment and deslected every single one of them, with no impact in the program ability to function - save for no more crashes.

We'll do coffee this weekend and I'll show ya.