Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On the road, again...

Windsor's downtown darling, Ron Leary, is eastward bound this time.

WHAT?!? Not familiar with Ron and his troubadour stylings? You've gotta get downtown more, Amigo!

Ron has been, and will be again soon, one of Windsor's hardest working singer/songwriters. Since his kickoff party at Sky Loung (where his adoring fans made sure his car was packed as nutritiously as possible) at the beginning of August, Ron has been criss-crossing this big ol' country of ours spreading his own scent of Windsor love.

So I thought I'd point you to CBC Radio 3, who interviewed Ron a couple of weeks ago in BC. Listen to what Ron has to say about Windsor's musical culture, living within view of Detroit and all that goes along with her, and his road trip in general. Ron is one of the many people who make downtown Windsor a wonderful place to be.

Looking forward to having you home again, Ron.

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