Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Bic" Heritage

I am continually reminded that not everyone takes pride in their homes, nor their community.

This revelation doesn't percolate to the surface easily when it's a disposable McHome or a disposable McNeighbourhood that is affected. But when it's in part of Windsor's most historic neighbourhoods - with homes dating back over 100 years - and planned by Hiram Walker himself, the loss really strikes a chord.

You may remember this home, which was featured in the Windsor Star a while back, due to the fact it was abandoned by its owners while leaving dozens of cats locked inside to fend for themselves. Becoming known as "The Cat House" (for less lusty reasons than you think) didn't help its notoriety. A walk along the sidewalk in front of this house brought tears to your eyes, due to the heavy amonia vapours from the cat urine. The neighbours couldn't enjoy their decks or patios (which are what makes this THE neighbourhood to live in), had to close their doors and windows and run the air conditioners at all times to avoid the stench. It was a source of distress for everyone, and now their happy it's gone. A house demolished due to cat pee.

Some video of the action...

So, let's morn the loss - but in the same breath, hope - that whatever happens in this now-vacant lot, it will be done with respect to the fabric of this tight-knit walkable community that has very deep roots in this city


Tom said...

Cool Chris. Congrats on your first Utube vid.

Chris Holt said...

Thanks Tom. I feel more alive than ever, since joining the YouTumour generation.