Thursday, September 27, 2007


As the blogging community in Windsor becomes a greater force to be reckoned with, more and more insiders, concerned citizens and people just generally sick and tired of the state of the city are beginning to come forward to push items into the lime light.

Chris Schunurr, who you might remember as a candidate for council in the last election put me on to a post at WindsorCityBlog. (Before you go off reading it and thinking that SDW has lost its' focus, let me remind you that every tax dollar spent means less tax dollars for rebuilding Windsor.)

For the record, SDW is looking to bring all parties to the table to rebuild Windsor. This is not a partisan blog, although the accusations might be different. We simply want to rebuild Windsor, strengthen neighbourhoods, and develop a pattern of sustainable living for all citizens. While we might shake our heads in disbelief at some of the decisions made by our elected, and not elected, officials, we will also be the first to give kudos to the city, schoolboard or anyone else who might be worthy of SDW praise (for whatever it is worth).

Don't think we've lost vision, we just want the citizenry to be informed.


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